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  1. air suspension problem

    Hej! I will deffinately give a thunbs up.. but. where can i do that? Hahaha.. I cant find the thumbs up button..
  2. air suspension problem

    Hi Tom.. I recently received a third ECU for my car. Seems that with this Ecu everything just works fine. I bought it on Ebay in the US. And i didn' t pay much for it. that' s why i tried. Apparently my own and the replacement ecu i bought are faulty.. I have also read an article about capacitors in lexus ecu's going " poof" ... Maybe i can fix both old ecus with new capacitors. I mean. the problem is consistent with bad capacitors.. Looks like they cause a short circuit from time to time. I have heard when capacitors go poof this should be the a possible symptom... Maybe im going at this the wrong way for a long time.. The thing is.. I opened my own original ecu.. Cant see anything wrong on the print. Still need to measure the capacitors.. Well.. Now the company that sold me the replacement ecu doesn' t want to pay back the money i have payd for their faulty part.. Idiots. That really pissed me off. Not only i spend 30 hours in the cold trying to fix the problem because of their faulty product. They also refuse to pay back the money. Payd 250.. they were the only supplier able to react quickly and send the same day.. Thank you for all the good help so far.. I wish it was something that I could have found with your help. You guys are great! What i wonder.. the 11 earth contacts you refer to.. Why is this relevant? I already checked all the ground connections to the ecu itself. They were all grounded.. Do you mean checking the ground contacts on other end of the cables? Cheers..
  3. air suspension problem

    Im still trying to find the problem.. Nothing is really broken since I know sometimes the light starts working and the ais suspension also works...Its a bad contact somewere.. but were............
  4. air suspension problem

    Ok Done! it was about 3 half days of work but the car runs again. I have an LPG installation on my car. it took a bit longer to get there. Ill continue my search for the air suspension problem now. Ill keep you guys posted. Cheers!!
  5. air suspension problem

    I know how to fix the starter.. Ill have to take off the inlet manifold. Its the VVTI version I have. Its a bit more complicated but I think I can do it in 6 hrs.. I did distribution chain and water pump and valve adjustments already when I bought the car. Im good with Mechanics.. But not as talented with electrics when the total schematics are not in my possession. . Ill have to fix the starter first. Its clear what happened. The spring of the solenoid broke and the start relai welded itself. Just on a critical moment like this its very very inconvenient. I guess with 350K on the counter lexusses are getting more and more problems. This is an other stupid bad luck coincidence. I hope I can re-use the gasket for the inlet manifold. Waiting on a gasket from affordable usa Price is not an option. The lexus dealer price is not an option as well. They ask about 10X the normal usa Price.. Once I needed camshaft oil seals.. Victor reinz part was $17 for both sides.. Lexus dealer was 126 euro for the same. Lexus dealers are criminals. Does anyone know a european based provider for lexus parts that are more in the USA price range? Else I hope I can just re-use the old gasket with maybe some help of liquid gasket seal.. Ill have to wait the air suspension repair. First things first. Fix this problem.. Is it just me or are 1995 model ls400 much more reliable?? I have the feeling the 1999 is a bit of a problem model.. It also doesnt feel as strong or direct as the 1995 I had in the past.. I just like the new nose more. But the rest seems to be slightly less quality.. The engine reacts with a bit of a lag due to electronic throttle valve.. The engine is smooth but the old version had more grunt to my memory..b I think if I sort out all problems and the car is a good car again ill try to sell it and go for an older one.. LOL
  6. air suspension problem

    Im not sure how much bad luck is comming to me suddenly..
  7. air suspension problem

    I have a new problem now.. My car was just running fine.. Now suddenly my starter engine doesnt stop spinning.. even when I take out the Key its still spinning.. I realize this has nothing to do with the air suspension but if anyone knows what it can be please let me know.. I really need help on this.. Im kind of desperate. I need to use the car this evening to get to belgium.. I was starting and trying to measure some stuff. Apparently due to starting my car alot and stopping again the starter relai is stuck inside. I now probably need to take the entire car apart. Take out the inlet manifold and replace the starter engine.. it even spins the starter when i pull out the start relais in the fusebox.. Fucking Japanese shit Car.
  8. air suspension problem

    Hi Tom.. No.. DLC1 and DLC2 are both not available in my car.. Only a ODBII connector.. I only checked the ground contacts to the ECU.. They all check out.. You mean I should check ground connections in other places as well?? I remember now. Pin 7 is only the light.. So it makes sens this one doesn't measure 12V when its on High Since nothing happens.. I really wonder what should trigger the ECU to start working. The one day the old ecu worked something must have been triggered.. What I wonder.. On the ECU there are 3 connectors.. i tested and measured the smallest one and most things like height sensor on the biggest connector. i know the height sensor doesn't get 5V, But I cant find out why.. Why Why...... What is the middle connector for? A16 I believe in your schematics..Where does it go to? What inputs are there??
  9. air suspension problem

    Ok. Due to the weather I did my research today. On A15(A12 in my manual). The smallest connector of the suspension ECU.. The High switch measurements were off. on pin 5 I did het 0 and 12 V in stead of 0 and ca 5 V. And on Pin 7 I got 0.66V in both positions.. I could not perform pin 6 and 11 check due to the missing TDCL connector. The strange thing is that I earlyer measured the Hight switch circuit already using the online manual. http://lexus-doc.ru/ileaf/lex99rm/lex99rms/99lexrm/99ls400r/di/emas1/ci86.pdf According to this manual 12V is the proper voltage in the Norm position so the high switch circuit checked out fine.. I Think its an other difference in design between new and old cars.. So only the Pin 7 measurements are still questionable.. I have not found the test procedure for this pin in my manual yet. Where does pin 7 come from??
  10. air suspension problem

    I will do that again tomorrow. measure your A15,, =My A12. i did take a better look at my car. the H15 connector in your car is not there in mine. Before I thought I had found it but i had already measured all the circuits on the ECU connector itself. Now I tried to test things again but this time your way on the H15.. the test connector.. But as you can see its not the same in my car.. . I seem to have a non standard car.. in the manual online my 1999 model should not have ODBII and also now I find out my suspension test connector is missing... Do I have some kind of revised car or did idiots work on it?? Or were it genius people who worked on it?? LOL Tomorrow Ill post my findings on all measurements on A15.
  11. air suspension problem

    Just went out to meassure the connections. I can only meassure that the white black cables are all grounded.. Moving around the connectors doesn't change allot.. What I wonder. What made the car work last saturday?? Why it started working half way my street and worked for about one hour perfectly... with my old ECU... The new one didn' t do anything..
  12. air suspension problem

    Ok I will meassure the ground cables to the ECU. Thanx for the hint..
  13. air suspension problem

    What do you mean with do power flow? I dont have 5V.. Thats true..I can see 12V is comming into the ECU.. The height sensors don' t get 5V. All coils connected to the ECU seem OK..
  14. air suspension problem

    Can you paste a picture of all pins of the ECU? All pins where they go?? I think you can easilly bend open the lips of the housing to go inside and meassure.,
  15. air suspension problem

    Happy New Year my helpful friends! I wish you allot of pleasurable driving hours... 31 Dec was a single great day in Lexus history. While driving to my fathers Birthday party half way my own street suddenly the "Hi" light started burning.. I stopped and I did hear the car pumping up to high. I stopped to have a look and damn it was really on the High position. I switched it on normal again and it came down. I repeated the trick about 2 times later that day and it worked... Also the "High" light came on for 2 sec when starting the car.. I was so happy... Untill 1st of january.. 2.30 AM. I wanted to drive home.. Stepped into my car with a great smile. Started and.. guess what......... Nothing at all...... No light.. No Hi... Just same dead shit.. I have 2 ecus in the car now.. The old one was connected when it worked.. I plugged in to the new one but it didn' t help... I probably have some cable or connection issue somewhere... I think I will take apart the entire dashboard and just reconnect all the connectors I can find.. In my old TVR that usually does the trick..I should not forget that even the Lexus is 20 years younger than my TVR but it is still an old car.. It doesn't have Lucas parts but it certainly had 200 times more wires and electronic shit in it.. Maybe it will help with some connection spray or WD40.... But obviously the old ecu is working a bit better than the new one. The old one at least worked a full day..LOL. I hate problem searching when the problem is occurring from time to time.. Makes measurements pretty hard to be reliable.. Does anyone have experience with this??? How to proceed when a problem is unstable?? Or could it be something else than bad connections??