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  1. Sie sind top. Genau dort habe ich das Auto geholt! 😉
  2. Update (englisch): Guys, I got my Lexus. What a machine. What a pleasure getting in the car every morning and driving to work. Loving every second. My father in-law asked me to get him for a ride and really enjoyed it. Said that it is very comfortable, quiet and it seems like a Boeing with all lights and instruments. He was very impressed and was asking during the whole ride to drive faster! 😂 My mother in-law want to get her ride this week. Some pictures to you, since you love pics. Thanks for all the support, Lexus Lovers!
  3. Hahaha! ich bin eine coolen, nette n Spießer. Meine Frau sagt, dass ich machmal ein "Stock in A****" bin. Aber positiv gemeint. Einer meinen Spitznamen für sie ist "Stocki". 😂♥️😎
  4. Nice to hear that, mate. You are doing the right thing: following what you feel being the right for you. Actually, most people are lazy and stupid. They don't read, they don't get out of the bubble. Good that you are enjoying your ride everyday! I will join your club soon!!! 🙂
  5. Gerne Deutsch. Ich habe die erste Nachricht auf Englisch gepostet, weil ich dachte, das ich auf Lexus UK. Ich war noch erschüttert und verwirrt nach dem "Vorwurf" von meinen Schwiegereltern. 😂😂
  6. Kenne ganz gut, die zwei LS, die du meinst. Folge dir Anzeige seite eine paar Wochen. Ich habe aber schon ein wunderschönes nicht weit von mir gefunden. Aber danke sehr für die Aufmerksamkeit! Mein Rolex ist schon in die Schublade und wartet auf das LS 460. 😂😂😂😂 😉
  7. Word, mate. We buy the quality, not the brand. I think Lexus owner have one thing in common: we value our money. Those who don't, go for a expensive unreliable German car. You said well: Lexus is not a brand for inserious people. I forgot to mention that I refuel my car in Luxembourg, which way cheaper than in Germany. I will ignore then and will go for the Lexus. I am sure I will be happy with it. 🙂
  8. Das stimmt. Die Argumente sind lächerlich! Ich werde es mir gönnen für meine täglich 70 Km Arbeitsweg. Eine wichtige Sache habe ich vergessen. Ich tanke in Luxembourg! 🙂💰
  9. Du hast Recht und hat die Situation gut analysiert. Sie können tatsächlich nicht über den Tellerand schauen. Aber zum Glück bin ich gar nicht so. Wenn ich so wäre, würde ich nie schaffen nach Deutschland zu kommen. Ich liebe diese Land, aber was mir gerade passiert nervt voll. Vor kurz kam eine Tante meiner Frau und hat mit der gleichen Geschichte angefangen (Auto zu groß; das ist ein Senior Auto, aber da du jung bist ist sowie ein Türke-Auto, Spritverbrauch; du musst Umweltfreundlich sein). Eine Sache habe ich gelernt: nie wieder was über mein Leben oder Kaufwünsche teilen. Kannst du es dir vorstellen, wie sie agieren werden, wenn ich mir ein Haus kaufen möchte. Nie wieder.
  10. Haha! Got your point. You are funny. 😂 I do find very silly the way they think. Maybe it lies in the fact that I am from a huge town outside Germany and they are from a small town in Germany. When you are raised in a big town, you are like "whatever for what people think about me". But what I am facing now is, sorry for the words, stupidity at its best. What shocked me is that they said that I would look like ridiculous in a Lexus and people would laugh me for my choice. And the worst: that they would also feel also "laughed" in case I park my car in front of their house. Wow! 😬 I do believe that they "respect" me because I am very well succeeded in my profession (don't want sound arrogant on this one). It means, they can brag for others that her daughter is doing well. Very silly and narrow minded. Funny: their other daughter is also married to a "Ausländer". The chills. The chills! 😂
  11. I will take a look on the LS 600. Thanks, mate. I did not know that stuff with being envious. I always thought Germans were very "entspannt" also with such things. But sliwly I realuze that "status" is a really a big deal here. My mother in law told me to avoid to walk around with C&A or Kaufhof bags in case I buy stuff there. According to her "people will look me strange" and I will have a bad image. They are very keen to label people for waht the wear or drive. Very surprised to be honest. Actually I am starting to think that my parents in law have a very low emotional inteligence. Good that I have a strong mentality and don't care. Should told that it was just a 2007 Toyota thou. 😂
  12. Ich bin nie unvernünftige gefahren, weil ich schon Leute von meiner Familie auf einen Unfall verloren. Ich respektiere 100% die 380 ps. Dein Motto ist auch mein Lebensphilosophie. 🙂
  13. Dear Lexus Lovers, After months and months researching to by my first Lexus, I found a beautiful and full option Lexus 460 from 2007. I made the test drive yesterday and I have to say: what a machine. The best car I ever drove. No comparison with some Audis, BMWs and Mercedes I had in my hands. I was very convinced to buy it...until I told my mother and father in law. My father in law asked how many HP the car had. When I told 381 HP he just FREAKED OUT big, big time. Started saying that such a car is for dumb, idiot and irrational people. He did not even bother to ask me to see the pictures and videos of the car. Not even bothered to hear why I would buy such a car after researching every day in the last 3 months to find the best, most reliable and safe car for the budget I have. His "argument" is that buying such a car to commute 70 Km a day to work is ridiculous. I was shocked. My mother in law was at first mad at him because the words he used against me but afterwards said that such a car does not fit to a well succeed young professional and young father. That such car is for old guys with rolex. Then they said I was just waiting for: that in Germany (yes, we live in Germany although I am not german; they are) having such big cars is bad perceived by others. Like, it is car for guys from third world countries coming to Germany, for pimps, show-offs and so on. That in town people would find very strange and would make thoughts. What would my colleagues at work think of me. When I asked then what car would "fit" to me, my father in law said it was not his task to tell that (even because he is ignorant in this topid) and my mothe in law said that a BMW would be way better ignoring the fact that they are money pits. I was shocked, big, big time and my day was destroyed. It felt like being bashed and considered a low life for choosing for my dream car. Important fact: my wife was totally against having a Lexus mainly because of the fuel consumption, but she was amazed after the test drive. Like, wow! Sorry for writting such a long and personal case here, but I would really like to listen if you guys also had the same experience. If Lexus is really so bad seen in Europe/Germany and having one is related to bad things, like being a ignorant pimp. I really don't bother what other thinks of me as long they don't pay my bills. Because I know people buy money pits like BMWs and Mercedes because of status and not because they are good. But boy, oh, boy I was shaked. Thanks guys