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  1. Yeah, I bought used CT half a year ago, and still think that for me it was the best choice of the used car. Good to read more confirmations that I made a correct decision. It's reliable, safe, is a premium brand, has great looks (this is of course "Geschmacksache"), not very big which helps to avoid additional hassle with parking, very comfortable driving because of hybrid engine and automatic transmission, practical due to being a hatchback, not particularly expensive (5-7 year old CT has same price as used golf/polo/audi a1/bmw 1, even 1-2 year old kia rio has similar price), and you're unique on the road 🙂 A genius choice - took me a lot of years to stumble across it.
  2. Moin, vielen Dank für die Antworten. Good to know that the roads are fine and others drive CT in mountains without problems. No wonder I never used mode "B" - it's pointless in Hamburg 😄 I googled now a bit and found out that this mode is primarily designed for breaking on downhills, so thanks for the hint. Regarding Furkapass, yeah, it has lots of great spots and amazing views. According to Google Maps, there are a bit more narrow roads and more traffic, so for the first time I guess I'll stick with a somewhat simpler Andermatt-Chur drive, and save Furkapass for the next time 🙂
  3. Hello, In July I'm planning to drive from Hamburg all the way down to Switzerland and Austria with Lexus CT200h. The most challenging part will be the drive from Zurich to Chur via Andermatt and Oberalppass (A2 and Route 19). It has a bunch of curly mountain roads and there will be 4 persons in the car with some luggage. Could anyone please say, if CT can cope well on such roads especially with long up- and downhill drives? I know that when you drive a car with manual transmission, you need to switch to lower/higher gear in order to assist breaking or getting to speed when driving up/down. But I'm not sure how the hybrid engine behaves because it has no gears. Should I pay any special attention to it, or drive in a special manner (like switching to some special mode, trying to press brakes more/less when driving downhill)? Also does anyone know if that route is particularly dangerous or any special precautions should be taken while driving there (apart from keeping in your lane and not racing)? I'd be happy to hear any advice. You can reply in German if you prefer 🙂 Danke
  4. Yeah, I finally started a logbook here, took me a while to write it 🙂
  5. Ja, das kann Ich mir vorstellen, aber ich habe das Auto noch nicht abgeholt, deswegen habe Ich zurzeit leider kein Handbuch. Oh, danke! Ist es notwendig zum Lexus/Toyota Werkstatt fahren oder kann man zum beliebigen Service fahren um Radwechsel mit Anlernen/Umprogrammierung zu machen?
  6. Moin LOC, jetzt versuche Ich auf Deutsch zu schreiben, so entschuldigen Sie bitte für jegliche Fehler. Ich bekomme bald einen CT BY2013 der hat Reifendruckkontrollsystem. Es gibt bereits Sommer/Winter Felgensätze mit Reifen. Bis jetzt hatte ich nie Autos mit RDKS und ich weiß nicht wie wechselt man Sommer/Winter Räder die RDKS haben. Soll ich unbedingt zu Lexus/Toyota fahren? Oder ATU/ können Räder mit RDKS auch wechseln? Auch ich wohne in Hamburg, kennt jemand gute Reifenservice hier? Viele Grüße, Kirill
  7. Thank you all very much for your input and suggestions. I was also looking a bit into direction of Subaru, but in the end, design of CT appeals to me a bit more. Also when I was selling my current Fabia, the dealer who bought it also said that right now German car brands are not as reliable as a lot of people think. And that guy actually sells used VWs and MBs, so he probably knows what he's talking about 🙂
  8. Yep, on bunch of videos and forums from US lots of people say that they were able to reach 200-300 thousand miles on Toyotas/Lexuses, and way less people say the same about BMW/Mercedes. I don't drive much - 5-6tkm a year, half in a city and half on an Autobahn. With such low mileage the fuel economy doesn't play a big role for me. But since CT has a hybrid engine based on Prius, which is quite reliable - this is very important factor for me. And imho Lexus has way better design than Toyota, especially when comparing CT against Corolla. Also switching Fabia to CT feels like much better improvement than simply switching to something like Yaris. Anyways, thanks for suggestions! 🙂
  9. Thanks, I never heard those German words 🙂 Actually I was recently on a test drive of CT and measured ground clearance. So tips of the front and rear bumpers are also about 20cm above the ground, which is good, so I'm calm about that now. Interestingly, there are not a lot of decent options on the market, and even less available at the official Lexus Dealers. Would it be still a sane idea to buy used CT from Toyota shop and get a 2 year regular Gebrauchtwagengarantie?
  10. At the moment it's possible to get a Lexus Select warranty for the used car (that's not older than 8 years and has less than 160tkm) for about 400-500eur/year, up to 3 years at once. I attached a "Broschüre" from their website - it says that this warranty covers a lot of parts of the car. The company needs to have some serious confidence in its products to offer up to 11 years of warranty. Of course, the car has to fulfill some prerequisites and pass 125-point check, but still, I'm not sure if German automakers offer similar services. Broschüre_Lexus_Select_Druckdatum_September2017_tcm-3150-1271674[1].pdf
  11. It's funny, but in the technical specification docs for my Fabia I couldn't find data for ground clearance. Searching online I found different numbers between 14 and 15 cm. But I always had a feeling that it has a higher clearance, so I measured it today, and saw that tip of the front and rear bumpers is 20 cm above the ground. I understand that somewhere underneath the car there are lower points, but at least the bumpers can easily go above the Kantstein. This is especially helpful when you drive over the Kantstein not from the side, but at 90 degrees - in this case the wheel meets the Kantstein only after the bumper is above it. I saw that CTs have different models with 15-16-17 inch wheels, different suspension and different bumpers, so I guess for me it will be better to measure ground clearance for bumpers when test driving a particular car.
  12. Oh yeah, that's a funny typo 😂 I wanted to write 13-14cm 🙂 Nevertheless, isn't it too low for the city?
  13. Thanks, it's interesting that VW gave you no issues in comparison to more premium Audi. It looks like quality of the VAG products is hit or miss - sometimes great, sometimes just sucks money from the owner's pocket. Also if I understand correctly, for an additional charge, Lexus warranty can be extended up to impressive 11 years with the Lexus Select warranty program - I guess this also speaks for the quality of their products. It's even higher than KIA's 7 years. And you're right, there are unfortunately not a lot of CTs on the market, especially here in the North, but I'm not in a hurry, so will be monitoring the offers.
  14. Yep. As I was told in the Lexus Forum Hamburg, the Lexus Select warranty covers 100% of materials and work (if the broken part is under warranty of course) and will cost about 1200eur for 3 years. Which doesn't seem that particularly expensive considering how much the repair will cost if something serious will get broken. And they told that there is also some regular "Gebrauchtwagengarantie" which costs about 150eur per year, covers less parts than Lexus Select, covers 100% of work and for every 10tkm over 50tkm I'll have to pay 10% for materials. By the way, I saw that ground clearance (or another term "ride height") is only about 13-14mm in CT200h. Isn't it too small for the city? Is it enough to ride over "Kantstein" when parking?
  15. Moin moin 🙂 Disclaimer: I live in Hamburg and mostly understand German, but writing is still way easier in English, so "Entschuldigen Sie bitte" for writing in English, you can still reply in German. While looking for a replacement for my current car I was researching the market for the reliable nice used cars. I previously thought that German cars have reputation of being very reliable. But how big was my surprise to find out that according to a lot of reviews, ratings and long-term tests, German brands are often below Toyota/Lexus, and sometimes even below Hyundai/Kia when it comes to reliability. For example I was looking into used BMW 1, Audi A1, Golf, Tiguan - even though all of them, except BMW, have a bit boring looks (to my taste), I was hoping that they have very good reliability. But in English/German/Russian-speaking communities I found lots of negative experiences with those cars. And at the same time, I saw much more praise for Japanese cars, which puts CT200h on top of my list. Thus it's especially interesting to ask following on a German-speaking forum: is Lexus really more reliable than Audi/BMW/etc., and if "yes", why is it still such a rare guest on the German roads? Is it because people try to support local production, or maybe German cars are not that bad, or Lexus is simply more expensive and is not produced in such big quantities? Viele Grüße, Kirill