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  1. air suspension problem

    I have a strange problem with my air suspension on my 1999 LS400. When I was changing my break pads in the rear I jacked up the car. The break wear indicator needed to be repaired so I soldered it together again and put it back in. To check if the break wear warning light would now not come up I started the engine for maybe one minute. I realized afterwards I should not have started the engine while jacked up due to air suspension controller settings going all bizar. But.. now the air suspension light is not working at all.. If I set it on high or low nothing changes. The car is now quite high in front and quite low in the rear. It is still driveble and feels pretty much the same but it looks a bit stupid. I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and started the car again to have all systems setting up and resetting all. Also checked the fuse of the air suspension. It didn't change anything.. Hi or low setting no lights switch on or off. Also no blinking light or other errors in the display.. Is there any other way to reset the air suspension? Anyone had the same problem? Any solution s welcome. Anyone recognizes this problem?