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Technik: LS 400 Radio Code

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Hallo  !!!! Habe mir nach langer such meinen Traum ls 400 gekauft  !!!! Leider habe ich nach dem bateri wechsel ein Problem mit dem Radio code  !!!! Ich soll einen 3 stelligen code eingeben den ich leider nicht habe  !!!!! Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben  ? 

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Titel angepasst

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Kann dir nur eine Lexuswerkstatt entsperren.

Der Code ist werksseitig nicht gesetzt, das kann dann der Eigentümer selbst tun. Wenn ihn dir der Vorbesitzer nicht aushändigen kann, Pech.

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Ich habe oben den Titel oben angepasst, denn unter "Technik" weiß kein Mensch, das du den Radio Code vom LS 400 suchst.

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Für das Navi - falls du eines hast


Lexus LS400 Satnav locking code

This can be a real pain.

If you look in the manual It is possible to set a security code on your Mk IV LS400 satnav. That is all well and good as long as a) You can remember it and b ) Pass it on to the purchaser when you sell the car.

Failing that at some point you will encounter a locked screen with no means of using the satnav etc.

I fail to see the point of setting it really but some people have done and a new owner is presented with a problem. A lexus dealer will do it for you but they are quite naturally going to charge you labor for the privilege.

I had this problem and I found this solution on one of the forums (don't which one as i would credit it here) and it worked for me.


Turn the ignition switch to ON (warning lights etc illuminated)

Press the CLIMATE and AUDIO switches at the same time and turn the HEADLIGHT CONTROL SWITCH in the following sequence:


The SYSTEM CHECK then displays on the satnav screen wait till it finishes.

Once all the function checks display OK then press MENU and the DIAGMENU will be displayed

Starting with the AUDIO button, follow this sequence:


The SECURITY menu will then display.

Using the displayed keys enter 440215 and press ENTER and it returns to the DIAGMENU.

Switch the IGNITION SWITCH to the OFF position.

Done !


Well it worked for me at least.

If for some reason you do enter a new security code write it in the book somewhere, otherwise the next owner will have the same problem.

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