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Advice on driving CT200h in Swiss Alps

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In July I'm planning to drive from Hamburg all the way down to Switzerland and Austria with Lexus CT200h.
The most challenging part will be the drive from Zurich to Chur via Andermatt and Oberalppass (A2 and Route 19).
It has a bunch of curly mountain roads and there will be 4 persons in the car with some luggage.

Could anyone please say, if CT can cope well on such roads especially with long up- and downhill drives?
I know that when you drive a car with manual transmission, you need to switch to lower/higher gear in order to assist breaking or getting to speed when driving up/down.
But I'm not sure how the hybrid engine behaves because it has no gears. Should I pay any special attention to it, or drive in a special manner (like switching to some special mode, trying to press brakes more/less when driving downhill)?

Also does anyone know if that route is particularly dangerous or any special precautions should be taken while driving there (apart from keeping in your lane and not racing)?

I'd be happy to hear any advice.
You can reply in German if you prefer 🙂

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Hi Kirill, I did the same journey with my IS 250 from Hamburg to Switzerland twice and further to Italy. We also drove via Chur. No problems what so ever. Sure IS 250 is different, but in my memory the swiss mountain roads are pretty much normal roads, ups and downs were not that bad and should be no problem for CT200h either. Driving in Switzerland is pretty relaxed anyway - speed tickets are really dramatic in comparison to Germany, which makes driving to a rather chilled experience 😉 Не переживай...

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Hallo Kirill


Für bergab Fahrten hat der CT die Fahrstufe B. Damit dreht der Motor mit und hilft beim Bremsen,

denn deine Batterie wird schnell voll sein, so dass der Elektromotor nicht mehr rekuperieren kann.


Das wichtigste ist, dass Ihr genügen Zeit mitbringt, um die Aussichten zu geniessen.

Ich empfehle Dir noch, von Andermatt aus zuerst auf den Furkapass zu fahren und nach der Passhöhe

die Aussicht ins Wallis zu bewundern.


Die Strasse von Andermatt bis zum Oberalppass ist sehr gut ausgebaut. Auf der Rückseite hat es ein

paar engere Stellen, wie auch bei der Furka Passstrasse.

Wenn man die Geschwindigkeit anpasst und auf seiner Spur bleibt, ist es aber nicht besonders gefährlich.

Natürlich bewegt man sich in den Alpen und ist nicht auf dem Weg zu Brötchen holen beim Bäcker.


Viel Spass und schöne Fotos wünscht Euch der Segler






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my wife drives often her CT200h in the Austrian Alps  -  she drives it just the same way she did before with her LS400 and LS430 ...........

so you don't have to pay any special attention to anything

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Moin, vielen Dank für die Antworten.


Good to know that the roads are fine and others drive CT in mountains without problems.


No wonder I never used mode "B" - it's pointless in Hamburg 😄
I googled now a bit and found out that this mode is primarily designed for breaking on downhills, so thanks for the hint.


Regarding Furkapass, yeah, it has lots of great spots and amazing views. According to Google Maps, there are a bit more narrow roads and more traffic, so for the first time I guess I'll stick with a somewhat simpler Andermatt-Chur drive, and save Furkapass for the next time 🙂

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