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Lexus IS F Aerodynamik Teile

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Hallo F-reunde!

Wir sind im Endstadium der Entwicklung weiterer Aerodynamik Teile für den IS F, wir legen hierbei den Fokus auf 100%ige Funktionalität.


Anbei der Englische Text und alle Fotos/Diagramme, denke die sind fast selbsterklärend 🙂

“One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions.”
— Wernher von Braun

We finished last modifications and tests on the ISF front canards! 1f680.png
As you can see in the graphic the smaller „street“ version (racinfg version will follow) already generates between 2,8kg of downforce at 100km/h and 19,4kg of downforce at 250km/h
Typical corner speed around the racetracks of this world is around 100 and 200km/h.

Data was from a stock IS F was compared with the modified one with splitters, no other parts like splitters were used. So we can calculate further improvement you could get with additional parts like frontsplitters.
For the sake of clarity, we reduced the graphics to a few aero lines.

Please note that we recommend a chassis mount oft he front bumper in case you want to use further aero parts!
The canards can be glued on the front bumper for best results, installation can be done without taking the front bumper off. The additional hollow space will keep the advesive in spot, without pressing it on the outside under pressure.
We are looking forward to start the production very soon, the plastic version will be a 100% in-house production by our German plant, a carbon/dry carbon version will follow.

Our goal is to make some really functional aero parts for the F performance models, there are many different products on the market, but basically not one of them is really tested, parts like the CCSR parts are very hard to get, since we are happy enough to have access to basically all Lexus/Toyota performance models with feedback from the engineers and drivers we decided that its's time to pull the trigger and improve the parts further more and make them available for the publicity 🙂

Let me know what you think!















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Moin Roman,

sieht und hört sich gut an, wann gibt es die Teile bei dir im shop?

wie weit seid ihr mit dem Luftfilterkasten für den isf ?

Ich bin der Meinung das sich eigentlich alle diesen zulegen würden, außer diejenigen welche mit ihren Pilzen zufrieden sind.

Gruß Andreas

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb AK-64:

außer diejenigen welche mit ihren Pilzen zufrieden sind.

Gruß Andreas

Pilze mag ich nur im Essen..😅

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